The Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden has several working committees. If you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to contribute or participate in any committee work, please contact us.


Culture Committee

The Culture Committee works with arranging and coordinating the cultural activities of the UAAS on a national level. The activities are either in cooperation with the member associations or entirely under UAAS management. 

The Editorial Board of Nor Horizon

The Nor Horizon journal has an editorial board in charge of publishing the printed edition of the journal.  

The Hay Doun Cultural Center

This committee is responsible for the management and coordination of the activities in the cultural center of UAAS, Hay Doun. 

Armenian Question and Karabakh

This committee works with the ongoing activities related to the Armenian genocide, especially the planning of the annual commemoration day on April 24, but also continuous work with elevating the knowledge of this issue among the Swedish society. The committee is also responsible for similar activities regarding the issue of Nagorno Karabakh.  

Business Network

This committee works with creating and coordinating business networks between Sweden and Armenia.